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HKS in the News July 5, 2012

1. The return of Russia (Burns) The Boston Globe

2. 10 keys to financial independence in retirement (Madrian) Market Watch, Wall Street Journal

3. Fiber Is the Key to U.S. Telecom Diet (Crawford) Wired Magazine

4. Stretching Dollars to Nurture Factories (Chieppo) Governing Magazine

The return of Russia

The Boston Globe

July 5

Commentary by: Nicholas Burns, Belfer Center

Topic: U.S. – Russia relations

President Barack Obama has made the reset with Russia a priority, while Governor Mitt Romney has called the Kremlin America’s “number one geopolitical foe.” Who’s right? Was it smart of Obama to put so much emphasis on getting along with Russia when the results are mixed, at best? And, why would Romney point to Russia, and not Iran, North Korea, or Al Qaeda as our most dangerous adversary? One thing is certain — Moscow has emerged as the key power broker in this summer’s two hottest foreign policy crises — Syria and Iran. That means Washington can’t afford to ignore the complex, difficult, and often inscrutable Vladimir Putin. …

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10 keys to financial independence in retirement

Market Watch, Wall Street Journal

July 5

Quoted: Brigitte Madrian, Mossavar-Rahmani Center

Topic: Financial planning

It isn’t so easy for average Americans to celebrate a day of financial independence. There’s not one marker, but many. What’s more, the markers vary from person to person. … Still, experts say it’s possible for those planning for or living in retirement to declare financial independence, provided they achieve most, if not all, of the following goals. …

If possible, enter retirement debt-free. No mortgage, no car loans, no credit-card debt. “What greater independence can there be than not having to send a hefty check to the bank every month?” asked Brigitte Madrian, a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School. …

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Fiber Is the Key to U.S. Telecom Diet

Wired Magazine

July 4

Commentary by: Susan Crawford, Shorenstein Center

Topic: Tele-communications inequality in America

It’s big news that a 68-year-old bus monitor has been gifted more than half a million dollars by the People of the Internet. The online headlines are full of the Obama-Romney tussle, even though we have months to go before the election itself. Meanwhile, an extraordinary story that will actually have an impact on the day-to-day lives of tens of millions of Americans is rolling efficiently forward in dozens of state legislatures. And neither mainstream media nor the public is paying much attention.

The National Regulatory Review Institute reported earlier this month that between January 2010 and April 2012 intense industry lobbying had resulted in passage of laws removing or reducing oversight of telecommunications providers in 20 states. It’s a deregulatory tsunami. So many state bills are pending that it’s hard to keep up: 14 more states are now considering legislation, and new bills are likely before the end of the year in several other places. …

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Stretching Dollars to Nurture Factories

Governing Magazine

July 3

Commentary by: Charles Chieppo, Ash Center

Topic: The recovery of American manufacturing

One of the dilemmas tough times create is finding the resources to make strategic investments that can promote economic recovery. But Seattle-area governments' support for their resurgent manufacturing sector proves it can be done.

Reports of the death of American manufacturing have been grossly exaggerated. While companies like Facebook and Google grab most of the headlines, the nation has seen 33 months of factory expansion. Between 2010 and March of this year, the manufacturing sector has added 470,000 jobs, a growth rate 10 percent higher than that of the private economy as a whole. …

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