Astronaut Speaks to Children on Campus

April 29, 2009

Former astronaut Rick Linnehan MC/MPA2009, who has completed four space flights, the most recent last year on space shuttle Endeavour, offered the children of classmates, staff, and faculty a glimpse into space travel through film and first-hand accounts on campus April 27.

The veterinarian, who joined the NASA space program in 1992, urged his young audience to work hard in school if they too wished to become astronauts. He also made himself available for questions, which ranged from “Did you ever get scared” to “What do you eat in space?” (Answers: “Not really, you train so hard and so long, you feel pretty confident about what you’re doing” and “You eat and drink out of bags. Food doesn’t taste very good in space.”)

Linnehan predicted that it wouldn’t be long before people will be able to vacation on the moon.

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