Meet MC/MPA Mason Fellow Carlos Orvananos Rea

August 5, 2013

Every year the Mid-Career/MPA Mason Fellows are the first to arrive on campus for a two-week summer seminar program. This year, several of them have volunteered to introduce themselves through the Harvard Kennedy School School (HKS) admissions blog with a self-authored post.
Below is a selected portion of the blog recently written by Carlos Orvananos Rea:
I applied to the Kennedy School in November 2012 not knowing what to expect. My term as mayor of one of the districts in Mexico City was ending soon, and after working in government non-stop for the past six years I wanted to take some time off to think several things over and learn new ideas.
I applied to Harvard Kennedy School because it is one of the most renowned institutions in the world, and the Mid-Career program has a reputation that precedes itself with amazing alumni from several countries around the world.
I must confess it was very difficult to wait to hear whether I got in to the Kennedy School, but when I finally got my letter of admission I didn’t believe it until I called the admissions office to make sure there wasn’t any confusion!
I arrived in Cambridge with a sense of responsibility, and wondered about the people who would be in class with me. It is amazing to see such a wide range of interesting students from different parts of the world with outstanding backgrounds. I immediately knew that I was in the presence of people that had already made important changes in their countries or in their areas of professional work. I am sure I will learn as much from them as from the courses at HKS.
Three weeks have passed, time is going by really fast! I look forward to every day at the Kennedy school, to continue experiencing new things and to talk with new people. I am sure that anyone who has the great opportunity of attending Harvard Kennedy School will have an experience that will change his or her life forever.

Carlos Orvananos Rea

Carlos Orvananos Rea, Mason Fellow

"I look forward to every day at the Kennedy school, to continue experiencing new things and to talk with new people," said Rea.


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