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STORY: In His Own Words BULLY PULPIT: Issue of Impunity ALUMNI: Ed Barker MPA 2000


Capital Campaign The launch of a campaign will allow the school to make transformative changes and build additional resources to continue to address public problems.

In His Own Words A member of Obama’s speechwriting team for the past six years, Cody Keenan MPP 2008 helps give voice to the president’s thoughts.

Credit Worthy Once the brightest idea in development economics, microcredit is under attack. Rohini Pande is looking for ways to make this sector fulfill its original promise.

A League of His Own David Rubenstein’s path to philanthropy

Restaurant Confidential Saru Jayaraman MPP 1998 and the restaurant industry’s labor practices

It’s Legalized, Now What? Mark Kleiman MPP 1974, PhD 1985 and changing marijuana laws

Strength Training The training regimen behind Boston Strong

Trial Run The scientific method used as a powerful tool for policymakers


Dean’s word

The end results Sara Horowitz MC/MPA 1995 | Social impact bonds

Public interest News bites from around the school

Footprint Young Global Leaders

Q+A Ambitah Chandra

Big Ideas Research from around the school

The Buzz

Bully Pulpit Geoffrey Canada | Eric Cantor | Macky Sall | Michele Pierre-Louis | David Keene

In Print Just Business | Rising Tide | Science and Public Reason | Lee Kuan Yew | Recognizing Public Value

Exit Poll You Are Here

Final Say Zhenyao Wang MC/MPA 2000


From the Field Ed Barker MPA 2000| Mariana Andrade MC/MPA 2010 | Violet Gonda MC/MPA 2011