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FINANCIAL FUTURES  By better understanding human nature, researcher Brigitte Madrian seeks to help individuals build toward more financially secure retirements. 

NEXT-GENERATION LEADERSHIP  Through Alumni and Teaching Harvard Kennedy School plays a central role in the Forum of Young Global Leaders Program 

MISSION POSSIBLE  As head of Catholic Charities, Tiziana Dearing MPP 2000 brings a fresh approach to a tradition of commitment. 

SMALL-TOWN JUSTICE  John Fetterman MPP 1999 is mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania which is a shadow of its once vibrant self. 

TECHNOLOGY SPEAK  Nicco Mele, Visiting Murrow Lecturer of the Practice of Press and Politics, wants his students, a mix of the digitally hip and the computer-challenged, to think critically about technology. 

EMINENT HISTORIAN  Renowned historian of international relations and foreign policy Ernest May died in June. 

HOPE IN BAPTIST TOWN  Students in the Community Development Project are getting a crash course on public service in Baptist Town, Mississippi. 

AN EMPHASIS ON PUBLIC  Ernie Almonte S&L 2004, HKSEE 2007, is the first government official elected to serve as chair of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. 

FOR LOST BOY A MISSION FOUND  Few graduates leave the school with a greater sense of urgency about their mission than Peter Biar Ajak MPA/ID 2009. 



END RESULTS  Catching up with past stories. 

PUBLIC INTEREST  Do-Wop students, an astronaut and more interesting news from around the school. 

Q + A: Sarah Sewall  

FOOTPRINT  Class of 2009 


TALKING STRATEGY  Gen. David Petraeus, chief of the U. S. Central Command, drew a large crowd at the Forum in April, where he discussed strategy with David Gergen. 

Kathleen Sebelius… Gerry Adams… Barney Frank… Gwenn Ifill  

THE BUZZ  Great quotes from HKS events. 


More than Just Race  

The People Factor  

Acting in Time on Energy Policy  

WAYS AND MEANS  Supporting the Kennedy School during turbulent times 

WAYS AND MEANS  Cason Honored for Chairing WLB Board 

EXIT POLL  Commencement 2009 

FINAL SAY  After 25 years at Harvard and 13 as senior associate dean and director of degree programs, Joe McCarthy has accepted the university’s offer of early retirement. 



New Era for Fourth Estate  

The Making of a Career  

Strengthening Health Care