The Harvard Kennedy School Office of Communications and Public Affairs can help journalists access information about the school and its programming, and faculty expertise on public policy issues.



  • PolicyCast: the HKS podcast on faculty research and ideas 
  • YouTube:  HKS video clips channel 
  • Behind the Book: Video series with faculty discussing their recent books.  

HKS Social Media Channels

 For the Media 

This policy outlines the steps necessary to reuse videos and other web content created by Harvard Kennedy School and branded as HKS property, based on Harvard University guidelines. 

Media Use 

Harvard Kennedy School's YouTube channel shares video content about life and learning that takes place on campus and around the world. Media are welcome to embed HKS videos and audio from our account, but as a general rule, Harvard Kennedy School does not grant permission to alter or edit footage. Guidelines on where and how to use HKS educational and research content follow Harvard University policy which can be found on the Provost’s website

Public Use 

When considering re-use of HKS video, seminars, webinars or other internet content, all copyrights apply. Contact HKS Office of Communications and Public Affairs to determine copyright status. 

To use free, public domain videos, such as YouTube, Facebook, Zoom or Instagram work, the following steps are required: 

  • Contact HKS Office of Communications and Public Affairs to request use of the video.
  • The request is limited to a single use of the material.
  • Visuals should be limited to what is seen on the screen.
  • There can be no additional HKS or Harvard University branding attached.
  • No additional information can be added to the presentation.
  • Written consent from all participants is required. 
  • Re-use is courtesy of Harvard Kennedy School and should be acknowledged as such. 
  • Material may not be used for commercial use resulting in financial gain for the user, per Harvard University policy.

Guidelines for audio/video recording on campus by outside crews Recording on campus is allowed under certain conditions as spelled out in the HKS media policy:  

  • All recording should be completed in a timely and unobtrusive manner, without disruption to the academic environment.
  • Prior notification to and approval from the Harvard Kennedy School Office of Communications and Public Affairs office is necessary if you wish to film in common areas (like the Forum and the courtyard) where students, faculty and others may be present.
  • Photography and video/audio recording/filming in active classrooms is NOT permitted. Exceptions are only granted with OCPA approval, and with the prior permission of the instructor, who is required to obtain advance permission from all students in the classroom. All students in the room must sign photo/video release forms provided by the media organization, and pre-approved by OCPA, prior to the filming/photo shoot. 
  • The preferred practice for one-on-one interviews is that they be conducted in an empty classroom or conference room that has been reserved for that exclusive purpose. 
  • Event organizers must notify audience members prior to the beginning of the program if journalists are invited and present to cover an event. 
  • No film close ups of students or faculty are allowed without their permission. 
  • Students and other subjects may need/wish to sign photo/video release forms. 
  • All other regulations in regards to photography and video-recording on the Harvard campus and the use of the Harvard and/or Harvard Kennedy School name and logo must be abided by the terms dictated on the Provost's website

OCPA manages operations for an on-campus broadcast studio used for live and taped network television interviews. 


The ReadyCam system is operated remotely by Videolink, a third party vendor based in West Newton which operates dozens of similar facilities across the country. They are responsible for coordinating all technical aspects of the broadcast, including lighting, audio, camera, and backdrops for all interviews. [Note that the backdrops are designed by HKS with HKS branding, and uploaded onto a thumb drive plugged into the digital monitor.] HKS does not pay Videolink for their service. Videolink negotiates payment with the individual television networks who book the ReadyCam. HKS interviews only use the HKS backdrops. 

On-site interview operations

The media relations team is responsible for maintaining the studio calendar, and arranging staffing for each interview. Our protocols dictate that the studio can be used by any Harvard University faculty member, or research fellow in residence. Staff/administrators may use the studio for interviews when the nature of the interview aligns with their recognized area of expertise. We have typically NOT facilitated student interviews in the studio, although exceptions are made for experienced professionals who are recognized experts on the subject matter. Rare exceptions are also made to accommodate guests with no Harvard affiliation, but who are on campus ‘on Harvard business’ (e.g. speaking in the Forum or in a class, or otherwise participating in activities here at Harvard). The ReadyCam can accommodate only a single guest at any one time. The studio is operational during Harvard business hours (9am-5:30pm M-F), but we can deploy a freelancer to help manage interviews during off-hours and weekends. 

Our on-site staff person is responsible for greeting and seating the guest, applying power, affixing the microphone and IFB ear piece, monitoring the audio channels, and problem solving when the case arises. Our staffer should also be prepared to provide direction and interview suggestions for the guest, information on the program and anchors, and additional context when appropriate, depending on the guest’s prior interview experience. 

Staffing is a flat fee of $300, payable by the requesting network and invoiced by the staffer. 

Studio Charges

There is no charge for HKS studio use. Priority is given to HKS affiliates. For more information, please contact Lily Wainaina​, Communications and Administrative Coordinator, 617-495-1115​,

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