HKS graduates will tell you: Being part of the online Harvard community can be invaluable for networking, (re)connecting with friends and maintaining a relationship with HKS and Harvard. Here's how it works:

You have two alumni profiles:

  1. Your HAA profile, listed on
  2. Your HKS alumni profile, listed in the HKS Alumni Directory.

You will use your HarvardKey to log into both profiles. Information that you enter into your HAA profile will also appear in your HKS profile. Updates made on take three to five days to appear in the HKS Alumni Directory. (Please note that if you opt out of email from the HAA, you will not receive email from HKS.)

Additional questions in your HKS profile will help you connect with HKS alumni with similar interests or with those who work in the same sector. If you fill in only your HAA profile, the information in the HKS Alumni Directory will not be complete. The more information you display, the greater your networking capability.

You will have access to two separate directories: the HAA directory lists all Harvard University alumni, while the HKS Alumni Directory lists only HKS alumni.