Transform ideas into positive change.

When your Harvard Kennedy School executive program is completed, it doesn't mean your connection to the school is over. Your HKS Executive Education experience will continue to resonate in every aspect of your professional life and stay with you on your journey to being a better leader.

During each premier program, you and your peers will be challenged to think critically to generate and identify practical solutions to the world’s most complex and pressing problems. Hands-on learning with faculty, colleagues, and visiting policy experts provide new perspectives on the challenges you face every day.

Based on the feedback from our alumni, we are confident that you will gain a renewed sense of passion for your work, a fortified commitment to the public interest, and the skills and tools to transform ideas into positive change and measurable results beyond just executive education training.

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Alumnus Jaime Forero shares his experience

Jaime Forero shares his experience at Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education, including his personal growth, the long-term relationships he developed, and how it made him a better leader in his organization.

A global community of alumni

Upon completion of an HKS Executive Education program, you will join a powerful alumni community of more than 66,000 professional lifelong learners from around the globe, all of whom are dedicated to continuing the Harvard Kennedy School mission of improving public policy and leadership so people can live in societies that are more safe, free, just, and sustainably prosperous. 

In just a few extraordinary days, you will form a lasting network of new colleagues. This tremendously talented group of peers will become some of your most valuable resources: individuals whom you can contact for ideas, insights, and practical advice long after your executive education program ends.

Staying connected

Whether you live an hour away or halfway across the globe, Harvard Kennedy School is here to support you in your professional journey.

During your executive education training, you will develop a new and diverse network of colleagues, faculty, and program staff with whom you can stay connected. Be sure to share your successes and insights so that others can benefit from your experiences. After all, a shared commitment to public value is essential to helping each of us make a difference in the world.

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HKS Executive Education alumni are using their program learnings to make a difference.
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