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We are experiencing an unprecedented and long-lasting global public health crisis. Public leaders must make crucial and time-sensitive decisions that affect the lives, health, and economic well-being of the people in their communities, but they do so with limited information. In these conditions of uncertainty, decision making is a challenge even for experienced leaders.  The Dean's Discussions are an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to hear briefly from faculty experts on a public policy topic of current importance and then discuss the topic in an informal setting.  

COVID-19: Leadership in Crisis, Leadership Through Crisis

The April 15 discussion featured HKS faculty panelists Matt Andrews, Julia Minson, and Wendy Sherman, and was moderated by Sarah Wald.  After a brief introduction by Dean Doug Elmendorf, the three faculty members presented their perspectives on what leaders can and should do to be effective during this time of crisis—even in conditions of wild uncertainty. The conversation was then opened to the audience. 

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COVID-19: The Economic Costs and Consequences

The second installment of the HKS spring Dean’s Discussion series took place on April 23. Over 170 members of the HKS community joined faculty panelists Linda Bilmes, Karen Dynan, Jason Furman, and Rema Hanna in a sobering discussion on the global economic fallout brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, moderated by Sarah Wald

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COVID-19: Global Crisis Response and Management

The third and final installment of the HKS spring Dean’s Discussion series, “COVID-19: Global Crisis Response and Management,”  took place on Thursday, April 30. Faculty panelists Marcella Alsan, Juliette Kayyem, and Dutch Leonard offered what they termed a “brutally honest” assessment of the response to and management of the COVID-19 pandemic and discussed what lessons we can learn and how best to move forward.  As in previous discussions, the panel was moderated by Sarah Wald

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Each semester, Dean Douglas Elmendorf hosts a series of interactive discussions led by HKS experts on topics of current importance.