A New Landscape for Leadership in Madagascar

Hasina R
Hasina Ranaivo
CEO, Hara Madagascar

Hasina Ranaivo believes that life’s low points can often be our best teachers.

As the CEO of Hara Madagascar, an executive coaching firm, Hasina guides executives as they look to bridge the gap between where they are and where they would like to be. As an expert in public leadership in Madagascar, she sees leadership as closely tied to the culture of her country.

Currently, Madagascar is seeing a shift from traditional gender-based leadership to a more quality-based model, which has expanded opportunity for women. As a member of the International Foundation of Women Empowerment, this is a topic that Hasina champions. She has also sought to expand her expertise through executive education through attending the Women and Power executive program. Additionally, in 2018, Hasina attended the Art and Practice of Leadership Development executive program, which is designed for leadership consultants, teachers, and trainers from all sectors. The program introduced her to new leadership frameworks and teaching methods by exploring the common assumptions people have about leadership and how these assumptions limit the way they learn and practice leadership.

“The Art and Practice of Leadership Development program is about preparing yourself to lead in this challenging work, to hold steady and to adapt in many types of environment,” said Hasina.

The program also gave Hasina the opportunity to work with experienced colleagues and a faculty of distinguished leadership educators to examine a range of concepts and teaching methods.

“Attending this program really helped me to be aware of who I can be, and what I can achieve in my life. Being aware of my potential and improving my knowledge in terms of leadership,” said Hasina. “Also, it allows me to be part of an incredible network of global professionals.” 

Most recently, Public Narrative: Leadership, Storytelling, and Action, an online program that focuses on the capacity to lead through storytelling.

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