Carl Rosen
Carl Rosen
President, Ophthalmic Association

When Carl Rosen was completing his neuro-ophthalmology fellowship in Pittsburgh, he asked his fellowship director for a job. “Well, I’m not ready for you right now,” he said. “Go to Alaska for a few years.” Over 30 years later,  Dr. Rosen is Alaska’s only oculoplastic surgeon and neuro-ophthalmologist, performing facial reconstruction surgery on patients often after animal attacks, and today more than ever, he is inspired by the beauty and energy of this massive U.S. state.

“It’s really a place that allows you to reset, to think of innovative projects and infuses you with the Alaskan spirit so that you want to participate in the community and make it better.”

One of these “innovative projects” Dr. Rosen developed was a cloud-based software product that allows emergency departments and clinics across the state to share, publish and optimize physician on-call scheduling. “My real goal was to improve the delivery of healthcare for all Alaskans, whether they lived in Anchorage or in a remote village of 80 people with no real roadway system.”

Now Dr. Rosen wants to offer this healthcare innovation to governmental agencies such as Homeland Security. But to do so, he knew he first needed to gain the policymaking skills and strategies that only Harvard’s Public Leadership Credential (PLC) program could offer. 

“I realized that I had gaps in my knowledge base when it came to public policy, the structure of state government, how politicians and policymakers think. In other words, I wanted to make a bigger impact in healthcare, but I didn’t have the critical skills I needed to do it. The PLC helped me tremendously with that.”

Harvard’s PLC is comprised of six six-week courses in three subject areas: Evidence for Decisions, Leadership and Ethics, and Policy Design and Delivery. “The quality of the course content is first-rate; the professors made the work fun and engaging; and you can really meet some fascinating folks and expand your horizon.”

Delivered fully online, the program is designed to equip learners like Dr. Rosen with the practical tools and concepts they need to immediately become more effective in both their jobs and their communities.

“Medical school does not prepare you to drive change in your organization or society. Thanks to the PLC, I’m a better listener, communicator, negotiator and data analyst. I would highly recommend the program to any entrepreneur or startup who’s interested in making government or public policy changes. And certainly to physicians who are leaders or decision makers. It will make you a better version of yourself, and your family, your practice, and your patients will thank you. I know mine did!”