Building a 21st Century Policy to Address Domestic and Global Drug Challenges

December 12th Event with Directors of US-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Counternarcotics Working Group

Illicit Drugs and Security:  Building a 21st Century Policy to Address Domestic and Global Drug Challenges 

The Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management is hosting an evening program featuring Gil Kerlikowske, Director, US National Drug Control Policy and Victor Ivanov, Director, Russian Federal Drug Control Service.

  • This event will be held Wednesday, December 12 in Bell Hall (Belfer Center) at Harvard Kennedy School; the program will begin at 6:00 pm

Directors Kerlikowske and Ivanov will discuss smarter, balanced policies to address the challenges of drug use and its consequences.

Established as one of the Presidential Commission’s initial groups in 2009, the Counternarcotics Working Group (CNWG) is jointly led by R. Gil Kerlikowske and Victor Ivanov. Since July 2009 Directors Kerlikowske and Ivanov have held six plenary sessions that brought together a wide constellation of government partners.

The United States and Russia have pursued three primary areas of cooperation through the Counternarcotics Working Group:

  • Supply reduction
  • Demand reduction including treatment for substance use disorders
  • Legal frameworks for counternarcotics efforts