Crime, Safety, Gangs, and Policing in Chicago

How is Chicago's new Superintendent of Police managing crime and safety?

After five months on the job how does the police executive in America's second largest city police organization balance everyday work with the Occupy Movement in Grant Park, gang crime, and politics? And how might academic research on gangs, guns and social networks influence operations and policy?

A discussion of Crime, Saftey, Gangs, and Policing in Chicago was held at Land Hall in the Belfer Building at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) on November 2, 2011and was also available via live webcast.

This event featured:

  • Superintendent Garry McCarthy, Chicago Police Department
  • Professor Andrew Papachristos, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholar and Research Fellow, Program in Criminal Justice, HKS; Assistant Professor of Sociology, UMass Amherst
  • Introduction by Christopher E. Stone, Guggenheim Professor of the Practice of Criminal Justice, HKS