Community Policing: Redrawing the Thin Blue Line (radio)


On this edition of The Callie Crossley Show (3/20/12), Callie talks with her guests about youth violence and what it would take to put an end to it. Within the span of one week in February, Boston saw an acute spike in violence that culminated in three deadly shootings. This happened against the backdrop of the Mattapan massacre trial, a bleak reminder of the kind of urban violence that has claimed so many young lives.

In an effort to change this culture of violence, Boston Ten Point Coalition founder Rev. Jeffrey Brown brought faith leaders, law enforcement officials, and policy makers together for a summit in Washington, D.C. The idea behind the conference was to discuss how clergy and police can work together to curb crime. This hour we’ll talk to Rev. Brown about the solutions that came out of this summit.


  • Reverend Jeffrey Brown, executive director of RECAP, and the Boston Ten Point Coalition

  • Christine Cole, executive director of the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management at the Harvard Kennedy School

  • Randall Halstead, deputy superintendent of the Boston Police Department.

* Editor's noteThe Callie Crossley Show morphed into a new program called Boston Public Radio on 89.7 FM WGBH. The audio clip embeded above remains active.