Faculty & Staff

Executive Staff

  • Bruce Western Professor of Sociology, FAS; Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Professor of Criminal Justice, HKS; Faculty Director, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, HKS
  • Vincent Schiraldi, Senior Research Fellow, Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management, HKS

Faculty and Staff

  • Jennifer Arzu, Research Assistant
  • Yohana Behene, Research/Staff Assistant
  • Kendra Bradner, Project Coordinator
  • Lael Chester, Research Fellow
  • Rachel Corey, Research Assistant
  • Valerie O'Kane, Financial Manager, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy
  • Mark H. Moore, Hauser Professor of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Devah Pager, Professor of Sociology, FAS; Professor of Public Policy, HKS
  • Selen Siringil Perker, Research Fellow
  • Natalie Smith, Research Assistant 
  • Malcolm Sparrow, Professor of Practice of Public Management
  • Brian Welch, Program Administrator
  • Christopher Winship, Diker-Tishman Professor of Sociology, FAS; Member of Faculty, HKS

Scholars / Fellows

Student Fellows and Interns

  • Sophie Feintuch, 2016-17 Academic Year Fellow

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PCJ Faculty and Staff

Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) Faculty and Staff

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