Kendra Bradner

Kendra Bradner is the Project Coordinator for the Executive Session on Community Corrections with the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). The Executive Session is a working group of academics and practitioners which explores the role of community corrections and communities in the interest of justice and public safety. Her work touches on probation, parole, reentry, and community-based programs for justice-involved individuals. Kendra's research areas of interest include system design and measurement, the footprint of criminal justice systems, public safety, human development, social networks, racial disparities, and legitimacy.

Kendra completed her Master in Public Policy (MPP) at Harvard Kennedy School, with a focus on social and urban policy and criminal justice. Before coming to HKS Kendra worked as an instructor and case manager at Project Place, a Boston non-profit serving homeless men and women. It was in this position that she became interested in the intergenerational impact of criminal justice systems for individuals, families, and communities.  

Kendra also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and International Studies from Boston College.