Marieke Liem

Dr. Marieke Liem is an Assistant Professor of Criminology and the Marie Curie Research Fellow at Leiden University, The Netherlands; she recently completed her Post-Doctoral Fellowship with the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). You may view her blog for additional research.

A graduate of Cambridge University in the U.K., she completed her PhD in Forensic Psychology in 2011 from Utrecht University, the Netherlands. She has conducted research on homicide in various countries, and is currently chairing the European Homicide Research Group. Her research interests involve domestic homicide, homicide by the mentally ill, homicide followed by suicide, criminal careers of homicide offenders, and international comparative research in lethal violence.  At Harvard the Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship enabled her to study recidivism of homicide offenders. In this study she explored the relationship between life events, the criminal career, and length of imprisonment on recidivism among homicide offenders. After one and a half years, this study will be replicated in the Netherlands at Leiden University.

Dr. Liem published the following studies in early 2014: The Role of Transformation Narratives in Desistance Among Released Lifers in Criminal Justice and Behaviorand Criminal Recidivism Among Homicide Offenders in Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Her commentary on sentencing minors to life without parole, The Fate of Juvenile Lifers appeared in the December 12, 2012 edition of This New England Blogby The Providence Journal; her article, Homicide offender recidivism: A review of the literature was featured in Aggression and Violent Behavior/; and she was quoted in Harvard Magazine's feature, The Prison Problem along with PCJ Faculty Chair, Bruce Western.

Contact Information

  • See Dr. Marike Liem's blog for more research and her staff page at Leiden University