Todd Foglesong

Todd Foglesong is a Professor of Global Practice with the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

Mr. Foglesong is a former Senior Research Associatewith the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) and an Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) who worked with the PCJ from 2007 through October, 2014. Todd was the Coordinator of the PCJ's annual Justice Systems Workshop, which supports the efforts of government officials in developing countries to design and use indicators that advance domestic ideas about improvements in justice and safety. His research focuses on the use of arrest and pretrial detention around the world as well as the alignment of government efforts to administer criminal justice. He currently teaches the Workshop on Crime and Criminal Justice Reform in Global Context, which involves students in the comparative study of the operation of criminal justice systems, examining strategies for delivering justice across many different countries.

Between 2000 and 2005 Todd worked at the Vera Institute of Justice, creating a center for the reform of criminal justice in Moscow and establishing RiskMonitor, a non-governmental research center in Sofia, Bulgaria that supports better public policies on organized crime and institutional corruption. Before joining Vera Todd was an assistant professor of political science at the University of Kansas and University of Utah. With Peter Solomon, he wrote Courts and Transition in Russia: The Challenge of Judicial Reform(Westview, 2000) and Crime, Criminal Justice, and Criminology in Post-Soviet Ukraine(National Institute of Justice, 2001).

Todd received a BA in Russian and Economics from Bowdoin College and an MA and PhD from the University of Toronto.

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Todd Fogelsong

Samples of Todd Foglesong's published research and articles include:

  • Making Ends Meet: Connecting the UN’s Hopes for the Rule of Law with National Ambitions for Justice
  • How Best to Support the Rule of Law
  • Strengthening the Rule of Law by Measuring Local Practice, One Rule at a Time, Innovations In Rule of Law
  • Aligning Indicators and Ambitions: How to Improve Indicators Used in Programs to Reduce Violence Against Women and Girls
  • Encouraging Trends in Pretrial Detention in Russia
  • Making the Case for Legal Representation in China
  • Prison Exit Samples as a Source for Indicators in Pretrial Detention
  • Policing Los Angeles Under a Consent Decree: The Dynamics of Change at the LAPD