Zinzi Bailey

Zinzi Bailey is a former Research Assistantwith the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) from 2011-2011. After successfully defending her dissertation in 2014 she was awarded a Doctorate from Harvard School of Public Health, after which she accepted a Post-Doctorate Fellowship with the Institute for Health and Social Policy at McGill University, Canada.

Before coming to Harvard Zinzi received her Master of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Global Epidemiology from Emory University. Her thesis focused on the effect of advanced maternal age trends on Down Syndrome rates in Latin America, 1972-2007. She also conducted focused research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the potential implementation of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV/AIDS prevention, especially as it related to social network theory, health equity measures, and ethics. Before starting graduate school she was the acting Assistant Director of a home visiting program in Brooklyn, New York. The program provided voluntary home-based services to expectant families and new parents, with the goal of primary prevention of child abuse/neglect as well as the promotion of appropriate child development.Zinzi's previous research, while completing her A.B. in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, focused on Afro-Brazilian political mobilization.

Her research interests focus on sexual and reproductive health outcomes, especially as they relate to race, socioeconomic class, immigration status, and interpersonal/institutional discrimination. She is interested in the effects of incarceration on the health of individuals, families, and communities. Zinzi speaks both Spanish as well as Portuguese.