The Executive Session that had the greatest impact on the field and that was at the core of the Program in Criminal Justice's work for more than seven years was the Executive Session on Policing, which ran from 1985 to 1991. 

Members included the U.S. Attorney General, the head of Scotland Yard, and police chiefs and mayors of several cities.

The products of this Executive Session - a series of seventeen papers called Perspectives on Policing - were widely distributed throughout the country and became essential reading in thousands of departments and executive offices across the country.

1985-1991 Members

  • Allen H. Andrews, Jr.
  • Camille Cates Barnett
  • Cornelius J. Behan
  • Lawrence Binkley
  • Robert C. Bobb
  • William Bratton
  • Lee P. Brown
  • Susan Estrich
  • Daryl F. Gates
  • Herman Goldstein
  • Daniel P. Guido
  • Francis X. Hartmann
  • Peter Hunt
  • Peter M. Imbert, Q.P.M.
  • George L. Kelling
  • Robert Kiley
  • Robert B. Kliesmet
  • Richard C. Larson
  • George Latimer
  • Ed Meese
  • Mark H. Moore
  • Patrick V. Murphy
  • Kenneth Newman
  • Ronald J. Ostrow
  • Oliver B. Revell
  • Norman B. Rice
  • Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
  • Francis Roache
  • Michael E. Smith
  • Robert L. Smith
  • Malcolm Sparrow
  • Darrel Stephens
  • James K. Stewart
  • Robert Trojanowicz
  • Kevin Tucker
  • Mack M. Vines
  • Benjamin Ward
  • Robert Wasserman
  • Daniel Whitehurst
  • Gerald L. Williams
  • Hubert Williams
  • Willie Williams
  • James Q. Wilson