Community Policing

Here are some highlights of the Program's Community Policing projects:

Evaluation of the Implementation of the "Public Safety Partnership and Community Policing Act" (September 2000)

National Evaluation of the COPS Program: Ten Case Studies, National Institute of Justice, Washington, DC, September 2000. Case Studies of:

These ten case studies, written by the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management for the Urban Institute and National Institute of Justice, accompany a full NIJ Research Report, National Evaluation of the COPS Program: Title I of the 1994 Crime Act(chapter 7 written by Moore, Thacher, Coles, Sheingold, and Hartmann), and a shorter Research in Brief, The COPS Program After 4 Years--National Evaluation. In addition, see Working Paper 99-05-16, a full cross-site analysis of the 10 cases.

Executive Session on Policing (1985-1991)more

Case studies on Neighborhood Revitalization through Community/Police Partnerships
(written by the KSG Case Program) more

Executive Session on Drugs and Community Policing- special attention to the West Coast - (1990-93)

  • Innovations in policing often do not carry across the country. This Executive Session aimed to apply the community policing conversations to police departments in Western United States.

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