Chart: Ceasefire

Youth Homicides in Boston, 1976 - 2009

Since 1995, Program in Criminal Justice faculty and staff have been working with the City of Boston to understand and prevent youth homicide (victims who are ages 24 and under).  David Kennedy, Anthony Braga, and Anne Piehl collaborated with criminal justice, social service, and community-based partners to develop the Operation Ceasefire gang violence reduction strategy that was credited with a 63% reduction in youth homicides when it was operational between 1996 and 2000.  Beginning in 2002 and continuing through 2007, Boston experienced a resurgence of gang violence that generated noteworthy increases in youth homicide.  Since 2007, Anthony Braga and David Hureau have been working with the City of Boston to address youth violence.


For more information on Operation Ceasefire and Boston youth homicide in the 1990s, please click the link below:


Braga, A. A., Kennedy, D.M., Piehl, A.M., & Waring, E.J. (2001, September). Reducing Gun Violence: The Boston Gun Project’s Operation Ceasefire. National Institute of Justice Research Report.


For more information on the resurgence of gang violence in Boston and recent attempts to reduce youth homicide in Boston, please click the link below:


Braga, A. A., Hureau, D., & Winship, C. (2008). Losing Faith? Police, Black Churches, and the Resurgence of Youth Violence in Boston. Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, 6 (1) 141-172.