Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative (SACSI)

Justice pilot project that follows the Boston Gun Project's strong emphasis on partnerships, knowledge-driven decisionmaking, and ongoing strategic assessment. The project is spearheaded by U.S. Attorneys and has been implemented in five cities:

  1. Indianapolis, Indiana
  2. Memphis, Tennessee
  3. New Haven, Connecticut
  4. Portland, Oregon
  5. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

David Kennedy and Frank Hartmann have facilitated the implementation of SACSI in the five pilot sites. The crime problems addressed vary across the cities and range from gun violence (Indianapolis, Portland, and Winston-Salem) to community fear (New Haven) to sexual assault (Memphis). The participating cites have implemented crime prevention strategies that engage the pulling levers approach with variations appropriate to the nature of their local crime problems.

For a more complete description of the SACSI program, see this overview in the NIJ Journal.