Crime and Justice Student Community at Harvard

The Criminal Justice Student Professional Interest Council (PIC) is a university-wide network that brings students from diverse backgrounds together to improve criminal justice policy and practice.

This group includes more than 100 members from the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), Harvard Law School, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Business School, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences in addition to doctoral students and visiting fellows. The Criminal Justice PIC has sponsored events on the intersection of race and poverty in fueling children’s involvement in the juvenile justice system, the prevention of radicalization, and combating cyber-security.

Our current priorities include:

  • Creating opportunities for students with a background and interest in criminal justice to network and exchange ideas;
  • Engaging a more general audience in discussions of criminal justice. For example, developing programs on what policy makers need to know about criminal justice;
  • Facilitating dialogue with faculty to discuss emerging issues in criminal justice policy and practice.

Additional Information

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