The Saguaro Seminar's mission is both to improve social capital measurement and the availability of social capital data and to undertake analysis of building social capital in a changing environment: in increasingly diverse communities, with changing faith communities, in workplaces, and amidst greater social and civic inequality.

 The Media Policy Center presents: Professor Putnam speaking about 'Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis'. Watch it here!

Robert D. Putnam's new book,  Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisisis available for order here. 

National Review "America's Social-Capital Problem Is America's Political Problem" (Max Bloom, 06/14/17)

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The Economist "John Kasich's Lament" (04/27/17)

Oxford Academic "Robert D. Putnam: Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis" (04/25/17)

The Atlantic "What if Politicians Studied the Social Fabric like Economists Studied GDP" (Annie Lowrey, 04/24/17)

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In March 2015, Putnam published Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis, the culmination of a five-year study of the growing inequality gaps in America and why fewer Americans today have the opportunity for upward mobility. 

Drawing on this research, we have launched the Closing the Opportunity Gap initiative. The initiative convened five working groups of roughly a dozen of the country’s leading experts in each of five areas: family and parenting, early childhood, K-12 education, community institutions, and “on-ramps,” like community college or apprenticeships.

In March 2016 groups issued non-partisan white papers distilling the best evidence-based ideas for narrowing the opportunity gap. These white papers are included in our Closing the Opportunity Gap report. Click   here to access the report and read what you and your community can do to close the opportunity gap.
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The number of socially isolated Americans has more than doubled over the 2 decades from 1984-2004 from 10% to a quarter of all Americans.

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Civic engagement and volunteering is the new hybrid health club for the 21st century that's free to join and miraculously improves both your health and the community's through the work performed and the social ties built.

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