Critical or Questioning SK

Here are some books and articles that are more negative towards social capital.

Portes, Alejandro, & Patricia Landolt."The Downside of Social Capital." The American Prospect 26 (May-June 1996): 18-21, 94.

Lemann, Nicholas."Kicking in Groups."Atlantic Monthly(April 1996): 22-24.

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Edwards, Bob, Michael Foley, & Mario Diani (Eds.). Beyond Tocqueville: Civil Society and the Social Capital Debate in Comparative Perspective(University Press of New England, 2001).
Edwards, Michael.Civil Society(Polity Press, 2004).

Other Sources

Information about social capital and the Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey:
Our own Saguaro Seminar site
Provides overview of Professor Putnam’s work to date, as well as the historical Saguaro Seminar meetings, and has links to various other social capital research and publications (Bowling Alone, Better Together, Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey [SCCBS]).
Through vast new data, Putnam’s book shows how we have become increasingly disconnected from family, friends, neighbors, and our democratic structures and how we may reconnect.
Better Together
Better Together is the Saguaro Seminar
report based on three years of dialogue
among a diverse group of thinkers and
doers. This report details promising
strategies and recommendations for
increasing our social capital through
faith-based efforts, schools and youth,
the workplace, politics, and the arts.
Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey
Home page of the Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey (SCCBS) describing goals, methods, metrics, participants, results, etc.
Social Capital Gateway
The Social Capital Gateway is a fine site on social capital worldwide, including recent books, theses, social capital events and conferences, and basic readings on social capital.
Observatory Pascal often has links to new, interesting research on social capital.

InfEd provides an overview and bibliography related to social capital.

Civic Practices Network
This site has a good description of social capital. There are also definitions of other related civic words in their CPN dictionary.