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7:00 AM, the alarm goes off. 8:00 AM, you have a cup of coffee, scan the news, and check your email on your phone. During that single hour you have interacted with artificial intelligence (AI) numerous times. The coffee beans were likely harvested based on an AI algorithm. The news feed…curated by AI. The ads that came with the news…AI. The facial recognition to open your phone…AI. And more. AI is everywhere in your personal life. It is also increasingly used by your government. From the RMV to the IRS to the TSA to the FDA, government agencies seek to provide quality services to its constituents, efficiently and with equity. Analytical tools have been introduced over the past 50 years to facilitate achieving this objective. These tools support an array of government functions from benefits distribution to public safety and security to financial policy. Based on the success of these efforts and the rapid development of AI technology, agencies are turning to AI to accelerate creating value for the public.


Fagan, Mark. "AI for the People: The Use of AI to Improve Government Performance." M-RCBG Faculty Working Paper Series, April 2023.