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Introduces eight country cases from East Asia to explore how recent reforms have been undertaken in public financial management (PFM) and the public sector more broadly. A central focus considers innovative decision-making and implementation strategies on the part of those responsible for leading the reforms, with the purpose of documenting how the space or the authorizing environment for innovative reform strategies was created and sustained, how and through whom such space was implemented, and how emergent implementation challenges were addressed. The eight country case studies are broadly organized around Design Quality; Leadership and Political Support; and Implementation Capability. These three areas include the five domains of Pace and Coherence of Reform, Consensus Leadership, Communication Practices, Design Adaptation, and Experimentation and Real-Time Adjustment. Key lessons point to the importance of strong and sustained leadership, as well as explicitly creating and protecting the space and time needed for international practices to be adapted to the idiosyncrasies of local contexts.


Woolcock, Michael, Sokbunthoeun So, Nicola Smithers, Leah April, and Caroline Hughes. "Alternative Approaches to Reforming the Public Sector: East Asian Experiences in Public Financial Management and Public Sector Reform." Alternative Paths to Public Financial Management and Public Sector Reform: Experiences from East Asia. Ed. Sokbunthoeun So, Michael Woolcock, Leah April, Caroline Hughes, and Nicola Smithers. World Bank, July 2018, 1-18.