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Question: How frequently do beneficiaries lose Medicare Part D low-income subsidies (LIS), and is this associated with drug affordability and use? Findings: In this cohort study from 2007 to 2018, approximately one-fifth of those not deemed automatically eligible for LIS lost subsidies annually. Being younger than 65 years and a member of a racial and ethnic minority group was associated with increased temporary subsidy losses, out-of-pocket costs, and reduced prescription drug fills for chronic illnesses and overall. Meaning: Reducing barriers to maintaining Medicare Part D LIS could improve drug affordability and adherence, especially for disabled and racially and ethnically minoritized beneficiaries.


Fung, Vicki, Mary Price, David Cheng, Tej A. Patel1, Zhiyou Yang, John Hsu, Margarita Alegria, and Joseph P. Newhouse. "Associations Between Annual Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy Loss and Prescription Drug Spending and Use." JAMA Health Forum 5.2 (February 2024): e235152.