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Teresa and John Heinz Professor of the Practice of Environmental Policy


The 2015 Paris Agreement represented the first multilateral agreement to acknowledge and support efforts by so-called non-state actors, including corporations, to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the goals and structure of the Paris Agreement—focused on limiting warming to well below 2°C relative to pre-industrial levels and allowing for national governments to set voluntary emission goals—have informed the setting and adoption of voluntary corporate commitments. Some corporations have taken on “Paris-aligned” emission commitments, indicating that they would deliver emission reductions consistent with the temperature objective of the 2015 agreement. With the increasing adoption of mid-century net-zero emission goals by national governments, some corporates have likewise adopted their own net-zero emission commitments.


Aldy, Joseph, Patrick Bolton, Marcin Kacperczyk, and Zachery M. Halem. "Behind schedule: The corporate effort to fulfill climate obligations." Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 35.2 (Spring 2023): 26-34.