HKS Authors

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Alan L. Gleitsman Professor of Social Innovation, HKS; Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, HBS


[T]here is an imperative to examine how alternative forms of organizing--ones that diverge from the dominant corporate model focused solely on profit maximization--can help confront this multidimensional crisis. As we consider the critical question of how to reimagine our economic system, there is much to learn from the social economy, which has long been home to diverse types of organizations that diverge from the dominant corporate model...


Battilana, Julie, Leszek Krol, Kara Sheppard-Jones, and Alexandra Ubalijoro. "Beyond a niche approach: Could social business become the norm?" Social Economy Science: Transforming the Economy and Making Society More Resilient. Ed. Gorgi Krlev, Dominika Wruk, Giulio Pasi, and Marika Bernhard. Oxford University Press, 2024.