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Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy


As the world economy tumbles off the edge of a precipice, critics of the economics profession are raising questions about its complicity in the current crisis. Rightly so: economists have plenty to answer for. It was economists who legitimized and popularized the view that unfettered finance was a boon to society. They spoke with near unanimity when it came to the "dangers of government over-regulation." Their technical expertise - or what seemed like it at the time gave them a privileged position as opinion makers, as well as access to the corridors of power. Very few among them (notable exceptions including Nouriel Roubini and Robert Shiller) raised alarm bells about the crisis to come. Perhaps worse still, the profession has failed to provide helpful guidance in steering the world economy out of its current mess. On Keynesian fiscal stimulus, economists' views range from "absolutely essential" to "ineffective and harmful."


Rodrik, Dani. "Blame the Economists, Not Economics." Guatemala Times, March 12, 2009.