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A workable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must provide adequate security for Israelis and Palestinians alike. This objective will not be easy to achieve even in the context of a two-state solution, as each state will be comparatively small and the two sides will have to coordinate border controls, access to water and key religious sites and other potentially contentious issues. The long history of conflict will magnify security concerns, and both sides are bound to worry that concessions made in the context of a final-status agreement might one day be opened up for further negotiation. Despite these challenges, a two-state solution offers the best chance of mutual security for Israelis and Palestinians alike, both now and for the foreseeable future.


Walt, Stephen. "The Challenge of Mutual Security." Israel and Palestine: Two States for Two Peoples—If Not Now, When? Ed. Boston Study Group on Middle East Peace. Foreign Policy Association, March 2010, 45-51.