Question: Did Medicaid expansion in Massachusetts change coverage continuity for child Medicaid enrollees entering young adulthood? Findings: In this cohort study of 41 247 young adults, Medicaid enrollees who turned 19 after vs before Medicaid expansion were significantly less likely to have 3 or more months without insurance coverage at ages 18 to 19 and 19 to 20 years and more likely to have continuous Medicaid coverage for 24 or more months. Meaning: Federal and state Medicaid expansions were associated with reductions in insurance disruptions and coverage gaps among child Medicaid enrollees entering young adulthood.


Fung, Vicki, Zhiyou Yang, Benjamin L. Cook, John Hsu, and Joseph P. Newhouse. "Changes in Insurance Coverage Continuity After Affordable Care Act Expansion of Medicaid Eligibility for Young Adults With Low Income in Massachusetts." JAMA Health Forum 3.7 (July 2022): e221996.