An adaptive cyber risk management guide from MIT scientist and Johns Hopkins professor Gregory Falco and "Cyber Czar" Eric Rosenbach Cyberattacks continue to grow in number, intensity, and sophistication. While attackers persistently adapt, business leaders have suffered from employing the same cyber risk management strategies for decades. Organizations must learn how to move past temporary solutions and invest in long-term resiliency measures to thrive in the future cyber economy. Confronting Cyber Risk: An Embedded Endurance Strategy for Cybersecurity is a practical leadership guidebook outlining a new strategy for improving organizational cybersecurity and mitigating cyber risk. Veteran cybersecurity experts Falco and Rosenbach introduce the Embedded Endurance strategy as a systems-level approach to cyber risk management which addresses interdependent components of organizational risk and prepares organizations for the inevitability of cyber threats over the long-term. Using real world examples from SolarWinds to the Colonial Pipeline attack, the authors extend beyond hardware and software to provide a thoughtful ten-step process for organizations to address the simultaneous operational, reputational, and litigation risks common to cyberattacks. They conclude with helpful "cryptograms" from the future, in which business leaders are confronted with the next generation of cyber risk challenges. Clear and informative, Confronting Cyber Risk provides CEOs and cyber newcomers alike with concrete guidance on how to implement a cutting-edge strategy to mitigate an organization's overall risk to malicious cyberattacks in an evolving cyber risk landscape.


Falco, Gregory J. and Eric Rosenbach. Confronting Cyber Risk: An Embedded Endurance Strategy for Cybersecurity. Oxford University Press, 2021.