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Now that the long-awaited text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has been released, Congress will have to decide whether to ratify it. It should vote thumbs up. Many who are concerned about labor and environmental issues are fervently opposed to TPP, but they should read the text with an open mind. It seems unlikely that they did so, judging by the speed with which some nongovernmental organizations and others reacted negatively to the document within a few hours of its release last week. Supporters and opponents alike correctly describe TPP as different from past trade agreements in that it is more about “deep integration” than about removing good old-fashioned tariffs and quotas against merchandise trade. It establishes enforceable rules among the 12 signature members in areas that have traditionally been considered the exclusive province of each country’s own sovereignty, areas such as labor and the environment. Americans should appreciate that they are US-style rules.


Frankel, Jeffrey A. "Congress Should Give TPP a Thumbs Up." Boston Globe, November 11, 2015.