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A new volume, Prospects for Asia and the Global Economy, summarizes the 2013 Asia Economic Policy Conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Center for Pacific Basin Studies. The conference focused on challenges faced by policymakers in advanced and emerging economies as they continue to recover from the recent global financial crisis. Issues discussed included the monetary policy spillovers from advanced economies to emerging markets, the costs and benefits of foreign reserve accumulation, and the desirability of macroprudential interventions, restrictions on cross-border capital flows, and financial regulatory reforms to reduce the likelihood of future crises.


Reinhart, Carmen, and Takeshi Tashiro. "Crowding Out Redefined: The Role of Reserve Accumulation." Prospects for Asia and the Global Economy. Ed. Reuven Glick, and Mark M. Spiegel. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 2014, 1-43.