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Nations must often take stock of their achievements and forge ahead with new directions to confront the changing realities in economics and politics. This imposes new demands and burdens on leadership. What should be the approach and the new role of leadership in fostering change and development of small states? Research is an essential task that must be undertaken to inform new directions. The value of this collection of essays lies in the experience and expertise of the authors who have acquired considerable hands-on knowledge over several decades as practitioners and intellectuals. They include people who have served as Prime Ministers and Ministers of Government, senior professionals from International Organizations, university Professors, and a Central Bank Governor. Together they draw on the changing issues of the times and provide new propositions for future directions. This book is a thoughtful study of political economy of development. A valuable, timely, stimulating and inspirational reading for political leaders, development experts and scholars; it contains the ingredients for an anticipated new global political economy within the next decade.


Grindle, Merilee S. Demanding a Supply of Good Government: A Coalition for the Reform of the State? Leadership and Governance in Small States: Getting Development Right. Ed. Winston Dookeran and Akhil Malaki. VDM Verlag, 2009.