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Question: How do reported incidence, knowledge, and behaviors regarding coronavirus disease 2019 vary across sociodemographic characteristics in the US? Findings: In this survey study, the largest differences in coronavirus disease 2019–related knowledge and behaviors were associated with race/ethnicity, sex, and age. African American participants, men, and people younger than 55 years were less likely to know how the disease is spread, were less likely to know the symptoms of coronavirus disease 2019, and left the home more often. Meaning: These findings suggest that more effort is needed to increase accurate information and encourage appropriate behaviors among minority communities, men, and younger people.


Alsan, Marcella, Stefanie Stantcheva, David Yang, and David Cutler. "Disparities in Coronavirus 2019 Reported Incidence, Knowledge, and Behavior Among US Adults." JAMA Network Open 3.6 (2020).