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Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy


For economic opportunities to be widely and fairly distributed, France needs to take action in multiple ways and at several stages of people’s economic lives. It must equalize access to quality education and revise the core pillars of the welfare state in terms of social protection and progressive taxation to take into account the changing realities of the labor market and the international landscape. It needs to ensure an adequate supply of good, productive jobs by focusing on labor market policies that partner with businesses and on industrial policies that target employment specifically. Finally, it must foster a better communication between different levels of governments and employers, as well as between the government and citizens.


Rodrik, Dani, and Stefanie Stantcheva. "Economic Inequality and Insecurity: Policies for an Inclusive Economy." Prepared for Commission Chaired by Olivier Blanchard and Jean Tirole on Major Future Economic Challenges, Republic of France, June 2021.