Twenty-three previously published papers examine topics in productivity growth in the information technology industry. Papers discuss U.S. economic growth in the Information Age; the resurgence of growth in the late 1990s--whether information technology is the story; information technology and the U.S. economy; the new economy--postmortem or second wind; information and communication technology (ICT) and productivity growth in the United Kingdom; information technology and the U.S. productivity revival--what the industry data say; ICT and productivity in Europe and the United States--where the differences come from; the case of the missing productivity growth, or whether information technology explains why productivity accelerated in the United States but not the United Kingdom; productivity, innovation, and ICT in old and new Europe; information technology and the G7 economies; ICT and Europe's productivity performance--industry-level growth account comparisons with the United States; whether ICT drives EU-U.S. productivity growth differentials; information technology and the Japanese economy; the industry origins of Japanese economic growth; information technology and the world growth resurgence; patterns of industry-level productivity growth; mind the gap--international comparisons of productivity in services and goods production; industry origins of the American productivity resurgence; the industry origins of the U.S.-Japan productivity gap; explaining a productive decade; market services productivity across Europe and the United States; a retrospective look at the U.S. productivity growth resurgence; and the productivity gap between Europe and the United States--trends and causes.


Jorgenson, Dale W., ed. The Economics of Productivity. International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, Vol. 236. Elgar, 2009.