200 nm diameter Au contacts were fabricated by e-beam lithography on sputtered thin film vanadium oxide grown on conducting substrates and current perpendicular to plane electron transport measurements were performed with a conducting tip atomic force microscope. Sharp jumps in electric current were observed in the I-V characteristics of the nano-VO2 junctions and were attributed to the manifestation of the metal-insulator transition. The critical field and dielectric constant were estimated from quantitative analysis of the current-voltage relationship and compared with reported values on micrometer and larger size scale devices. These results are of potential relevance to novel oxide electronics utilizing metal-insulator transitions.


Ruzmetov, Dmitry, Gokul Gopalakrishnan, Jiangdong Deng, Venkatesh Narayanamurti, and Shriram Ramanathan. "Electrical Triggering of Metal-Insulator Transition in Nanoscale Vanadium Oxide Junctions." Journal of Applied Physics 106.8 (October 2009): 083702-083702-5.