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Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights, HSPH; Jeremiah Smith Jr. Lecturer in Law, HLS


"If I like a boy I cannot tell anybody about my choice because I am a girl. I like making friends with boys but being a girl I cannot do that. If somebody harasses me I would like to retaliate but since I am a girl I have to keep quiet. Being a girl, I have to take care of my honour and shame. Being a girl, I should give up my own wishes and expectations. Being a girl, I have to live life like a slave." - P. 20 (Maharashtra) This quote is an excerpt from an essay written by a participant in the FXB Center's Champions research project -- a study of Indian girls from low literacy backgrounds who make it to college despite the odds.


Bhabha, Jacqueline. "Enforcing Girls' Access to Secondary Education: A Human Rights Imperative." Huffington Post. July 1, 2013.