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Conflict plays a profound role in the lives of individuals, organizations, and entire societies – and has become an ever-expanding area of interdisciplinary research. This special issue brings together five new papers examining conflict antecedents and processes using the experimental method. In the following introduction, we consider the challenges inherent to studying conflict using experiments and the various approaches that researchers have developed to overcome some of those challenges. In doing so, we present a high-level taxonomy of successful experimental approaches to the study of conflict and highlight the manner in which the papers in the Special issue exemplify each of these approaches. We conclude with several pieces of specific advice to researchers seeking to make robust and impactful contributions to this area.


Minson, Julia, Corinne Bendersky, Carsten de Dreu, Eran Halperin, and Juliana Schroeder. "Experimental studies of conflict: Challenges, solutions, and advice to junior scholars." Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 177 (July 2023): 104257.