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President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney will meet for the third and final presidential debate Monday night to discuss foreign policy. It is a broad topic that was sidelined in the first debate on domestic issues and engendered only one question at the candidate’s subsequent tete-a-tete, a town-hall meeting. At last, we will hear the candidates’ uninterrupted views on America’s security. The debate’s topics have already been disclosed by moderator Bob Schieffer. They include the usual cast of ominous characters: the long war in Afghanistan, the red lines of Iran and Israel, the rising power of China, and the changing Middle East. Another query, on “America’s role in the world,” could be a softball or a snoozer, but might also be quite revealing.


Kayyem, Juliette. "Is the Foreign Policy Debate Irrelevant?" The Boston Globe, October 22, 2012.