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Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy


In this paper we discuss how the diverse aspects of such adjustment-cum-debt restructuring packages can be evaluated in a coherent fashion. A unified treatment of such packages allows us to highlight important questions that tend to be less evident when studying them in isolation, such as: Why do DCs need conditionality to implement reforms that are good for them? What convinces the old creditors to provide debt relief? How does the size of new lending relate to the depth of debt reduction? Under what circumstances can the IFIs arrange such deals, and what burden sharing would they demand? What does the present global context imply for the design of debt relief-cum-growth packages?


Baqir, Reza, Ischac Diwan, and Dani Rodrik. "A framework to evaluate economic adjustment-cum-debt restructuring packages." Finance for Development Lab Working Paper Series, January 2023.