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The following conversations stem from a 2018 workshop in Karlsruhe on “Access to the Future – Towards a Hermeneutic Perspective on Socio-Technical Change.” It was dedicated to the epistemological and normative presuppositions and implications of the idea of a hermeneutic TA and places it in the context of philosophical hermeneutics, the phenomenology of time, critical STS, as well as institutional frameworks and policies. Hermeneutic TA has been a starting point for venturing on new pathways and seeing previous discussions from a new angle. Hence, far from being merely a recapitulation of the workshop, this chapter offers testimony for an enacted practice of initiating a wide-ranging debate which is still ongoing. The editors have taken some liberty to highlight key talking points and streamline the discussion for improved readability.


Borrmann, Vera, Christopher Coenen, Alfred Nordmann, Roberto Cantoni, Sascha Dickel, Christopher Groves, Armin Grunwald, Ben Hurlbut, Sheila Jasanoff, George Khushf, Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Arie Rip, Martin Sand, and Christina Schües. "Future Conversations – A Topical Exchange." Hermeneutics, History, and Technology: The Call of the Future. Ed. Armin Grunwald, Alfred Nordmann, and Martin Sand. Routledge, 2023.