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Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership
Co-Director, Women and Public Policy Program
Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management


We offer a dyadic perspective on gender and persistence in negotiation, focusing on the interactive effects of persister gender and naysayer gender. We theorize that the degree and manner of persistence are functions of the gender composition of the dyad. Our findings challenge sex-stereotypic perspectives, showing that women persist more with men than women but in a stereotypically low-status (more indirect than direct) manner. Women’s adaptation of their persistence to the naysayer’s gender appeared functional because increased persistence with male naysayers helped close the gender gap in performance and high-performing female negotiators adjusted their manner of persistence more than low-performing.


Bowles, Hannah Riley, and Frances Flynn. "Gender and Persistence in Negotiation: A Dyadic Perspective." Paper presented at Academy of Managemt Annual Meeting, August 2009.