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What new theories, evidence, and policies have shaped health economics in the 21st century? Editors Mark Pauly, Thomas McGuire, and Pedro Pita Barros assemble the expertise of leading authorities in this survey of substantive issues. In 16 chapters they cover recent developments in health economics, from medical spending growth to the demand for health care, the markets for pharmaceutical products, the medical workforce, and equity in health and health care. Its global perspective, including an emphasis on low and middle-income countries, will result in the same high citations that made Volume 1 (2000) a foundational text.


Chernew, Michael E., and Joseph P. Newhouse. "Health Care Spending Growth." Handbook of Health Economics. Ed. McGuire, Thomas G., Mark V. Pauly, and Pedro Pita Barros. Elsevier, 2012, 1-43.