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On April 13, 2023, the Academy presented its Talcott Parsons Prize for distinguished and original contributions to the social sciences to Robert D. Putnam. First awarded in 1974, the Talcott Parsons Prize was established to honor the noted sociologist and former president of the Academy. Previous recipients of the prize include William David Labov (linguistics), Joan Wallach Scott (history), Daniel Kahneman (psychology), and William Julius Wilson (sociology). The program included the presentation of the prize by Chair of the Board Nancy C. Andrews and Academy President David W. Oxtoby, followed by a conversation between Antonia Hernández and Robert D. Putnam on civic connection and its implications for American democracy today. An abridged and edited version of the remarks follows.


Putnam, Robert D. et al. "Honoring Robert D. Putnam." Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 76.4 (Summer 2023): 28-36.